Interactive dashboards for schools and universities showing the countries of origin of their current students and/or former students and staff (alumni).

Filters enable viewers to drill-down further providing details of year group, gender, day/boarders and country/continent. Mapman’s dashboards help to visualise a school’s global reach, which supports marketing and recruitment campaigns. They also provide a unique (and fun!) tool for engaging with alumni.

Key features and benefits to your school

  • Management tool – visualise current student numbers by school, year group, gender and day/boarding.
  • Marketing/Development tool – demonstrate global and multi-cultural reach of school to prospective students.
  • Engagement tool – online school-branded dashboard (embeddable within your school’s website) for engaging with stakeholders – staff, governors, parents, students, alumni, suppliers, partners, public.
  • Connection tool – link school leavers with alumni to build school community.
  • Educational tool – directly relevant and interactive information resource for school’s own staff and students – applicable to maths, statistics, geography, etc.
  • ‘Sweat the asset’ – unlock further value from the school’s investment in its Management Information System, e.g. iSAMS.

Explore Ashford School’s Current Student and Alumni dashboards…

StudentMap - school and university dashboards from Mapman
StudentMap Dashboard for Ashford School

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