UK Vineyard Surveys

A unique holistic view of UK viticulture, enabling growers to get an understanding of how their sites and varieties are faring compared to others.

Mapman partners with WineGB to power the UK Vineyard Surveys covering the key growing stages of the viticulture season: Bud Burst, Frost Damage, Flowering, Véraison and Harvest.

Geo-enabled surveys enable WineGB to crowdsource information from the UK’s 900+ vineyards. Results are published in real-time to a series of interactive dashboards.

Mapman is proud to be a WineGB Silver Patron and Associate Member. We also sponsor and support the Sustainable WineGB Scheme which secures environmental sustainability at the heart of the UK wine production industry.

UK Vineyard Surveys from Mapman
2020's UK Vineyard Survey

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